Made by Fabio


Fabio Catapano is a multidisciplinary designer based in London. He currently works as a Lead Product Designer at Find Circles, a young start-up that aims to help people overcome isolation by making peer-support accessible to everyone.

In the past 12 years, he has worked as a visual artist and a graphic, digital and user experience designer. Fabio likes to keep himself busy exploring all the different design disciplines.

In 2009, Fabio started working as a VJ artist for live music performances; he loves working with musicians and communicating with the audience through images and video. A few years later he funded Nonoia: a visual art collective exploring the relationship between art and technology.

Fabio and his collective had the pleasure of working with museums such as the Museo Madre and the Museo di Capodimonte in Naples and the Macro in Rome, as well as with musicians and art organisations. During these years he designed video performances, architectural video mapping and installations.

Fabio's passion for design combined with his studies in the Digital Culture of Communication generated a new interest in him: the dialectic between media and society. Topics such as digital anthropology and sociology began to influence his work.

In 2013, after working as an interaction and UI designer for "Bike Sharing Napoli" and other experiences, Fabio moved to London to pursue his career as a digital designer.

Since 2013, Fabio has been working as a UI and UX designer and has been fortunate to collaborate with big companies such as SapientNitro, FIFA World Cup, NatWest and Samsung. He has led important UX projects that helped clients to express their brand identity through digital and experience design.

In every project he works on Fabio loves to look at the larger picture. He is confident exploring the complexities of any brief and trying to translate into them into a simple, meaningful strategy ready to be implemented. He believes in the beauty of simplicity as a designer, as a manager and as an entrepreneur.

Today's Fabio biggest challenge is to find a way to use design to create meaningful output and build something long lasting.